🚀 This is a DEMO. Read and tell us what you think!

We make online reading
more interesting!

We divide books into scenes and add music, audio & visual effects depending on the plot

no account needed

You take ebooks to another level!!!!


It’s a very interesting experience


What a nice experience!


Our goal is

the modernization of the publishing industry.

We are going to give books, the WOW factor


Grip is a new type of book that we developed at Rbooks in order to take the reading experience to the next level. We isolate parts of the story and add music, audio and visual effects to them, depending on the events described at that moment.

With Grip, readers dive even more into the story, they feel like participating in the action, they experience the same feelings that the protagonists have and much more. The way of reading is not much different from reading the subtitles of a movie, while creating more intense emotions and pushing the readers to reach the end without being distracted.

Yes, Rbooks Grip is completely free! There is also no need to create an account.

We are launching just a demo in order to validate that our idea is indeed something people want. If it goes as we hope, we are going to launch this on scale.

No, each track is carefully selected for each scene and accompanied by sound effects. In any case, you have the option to turn off the music completely.

no account needed